Teams and Zoom presented their generative AI assistants
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Teams and Zoom presented their generative AI assistants


Cirion Technologies provides these cloud-based communication and collaboration tools through its secure network in Latin America.

Lima, November 24, 2023. More and more companies are adopting generative Artificial Intelligence to help users save time on repetitive tasks and improve productivity at work. The market is changing, and the assistants deployed in traditional communications channels, such as WhatsApp, the Web or Facebook, have evolved and made the leap to communication and collaboration tools. As a result, Zoom and Microsoft Teams have taken the next step, implementing AI assistants that will provide users with several new functionalities and allow them to respond, create or interact to obtain greater efficiency during virtual meetings.

“By 2026, voice and collaboration platforms are expected to grow by 32.6% in Latin America. Companies have invested a lot in driving these assistants forward with the use of artificial intelligence and, although both have similar functionalities, it is important to understand their benefits in detail. With this, tasks that used to take a long time during meetings will now be much easier to accomplish. These functions are available in Latin America, in Spanish, English and Portuguese,” said Christian Bernal, lead sales engineer for voice and collaboration at Cirion Technologies.

Microsoft Copilot

This assistant has been deployed in all Office 365 tools, but in Microsoft Teams it will enable more productive meetings, allowing users to summarize the main topics in any language.  As with Zoom, if you’re late in joining an ongoing meeting, you can select “open Copilot” at the top of the meeting window to obtain an instant summary. You can also ask questions to find out details of the meeting, for example: How did a participant respond to this proposal?; What questions can I ask to carry on the meeting?; create a table with the ideas discussed, and their advantages and disadvantages, among other functions.

These functions will only be available if you activate the “transcript and record” option at the beginning of the meeting. If you’re using Teams on a mobile device, it’s important to download the Copilot app. You should note that the more details you give the assistant, the better the results will be.

Zoom’s AI companion

Zoom platform’s new generative artificial intelligence assistant, AI Companion (formerly Zoom IQ), will be found in the meeting controls toolbar or chat window. Here, this assistant will be able to help compose responses with the correct tone and duration according to users’ requests, including replying to emails. Also, a whiteboard can be used, where the AI can brainstorm ideas for a project or work plan.

For those who join a meeting late, Companion will be able to summarize what has been discussed until that point and they can even ask specific questions about the content, without interrupting the meeting or having to ask colleagues to repeat what has been discussed. In addition, at the end of the meeting, the AI assistant will save the recordings in the cloud by chapter or topic, making it easy to review them to highlight important information.

Unified communications

“Another tool that has already incorporated AI features is Avaya Spaces, which also offers intelligent transcription, noise removal and even overlay of the speaker’s video during the presentation. Cirion, as a partner of the world’s leading suppliers of collaboration tools, seeks to support teams of several different companies in Latin America, driving productivity and interaction with the support of modern collaboration tools. We provide not only the tools, but also the entire communications ecosystem, considering connectivity, equipment, solution management, deployment, configuration and level one support for the organization,” concludes Bernal.

The help provided by these assistants will be increasingly powerful and will guarantee a better support during business meetings. Organizations will be able to collaborate with cost effectiveness and almost without geographical boundaries, with cloud-based video, calls and messaging. To find out more about Cirion’s voice and collaboration services, visit

About Cirion:

Cirion is a leading digital infrastructure and technology provider, offering a comprehensive suite of fiber network, connectivity, colocation, cloud infrastructure, and communication and collaboration solutions with the purpose of furthering Latin America´s progress through technology. Cirion serves over 5,500 Latin America-based and multinational customers, including enterprises, government agencies, cloud service providers, carriers, ISPs, and other leading businesses. Cirion owns and operates a facilities-based network and data center portfolio, with extensive coverage spanning across the Latin America region. Learn more about Cirion at

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