SD-WAN: The alternative to ensure a stable and secure business network
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SD-WAN: The alternative to ensure a stable and secure business network

Simplified traditional WAN management, optimized connectivity and cyberattack protection for companies.


Lima, May 08, 2024. SD-WAN is a modern network architecture to meet the demand for stable, secure, anywhere connection, either in private or public entities.  This cutting-edge technology manages connectivity and security in a comprehensive solution of high potential due to its ability for smart control and management of the WAN. This is why a 30.9% annual global growth has been forecast for this solution since 2022.

“Organizations still have to deal with increasingly frequent issues such as insufficient bandwidth, poor security, slow application performance, lack of visibility and control, or high IT costs to manage their traditional networks. Faced with these scenarios and given the growing need to securely access business resources from anywhere, SD-WAN has become a constantly growing solution and Peru should be up to its implementation,” says Rubén Gutierrez, Lead Product Manager in Cirion, Peru.

To enable secure network access, SD-WAN is an essential partner for any organization aiming at ensuring security, efficiency, and smooth performance. Then, Gutierrez presents three common scenarios where SD-WAN should be implemented by organizations, regardless of their type of business:

  1. Bandwidth optimization: The transmission capacity of traditional WAN connections is insufficient to effectively support cloud-based applications, software as a service (SaaS), and the ongoing expansion of data volumes. This limitation entails a restriction for the smooth, fast and efficient information transfer.

The lack of appropriate bandwidth represents a significant obstacle. Accordingly, SD-WAN implementation enables smart issue identification, such as critical applications or non-essential downloads, and allocates or limits bandwidth, prioritizing and routing traffic for an optimal performance of key operations.

  1. Security as a priority: Traditional network infrastructures are vulnerable to potential cyberattacks, mainly due to lack of visibility and effective traffic control. Therefore, implementing a Secure SD-WAN is the solution, since your network performance and efficiency will be streamlined, and in addition you will get a robust security layer. Advanced security features are incorporated here, such as network segmentation, intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDS/IPS), integrated NG-Firewall features such as packet filtering, content inspection, application control and encryption of all communications through encrypted tunnels. These features enable solid defensive barriers.

By adopting this technology, organizations not only improve their network agility and performance, but also strengthen their security posture, ensuring a more resilient and reliable setting in today’s digital environment.

  1. Application Performance: Vital business applications can experience decreased performance due to the latency and jitter that conventional WAN connections present. To overcome this challenge, implementing an SD-WAN will significantly improve critical application performance by optimizing traffic routing, prioritizing efficiency and data transfer speed.

Additionally, the network efficiency is also maximized by dynamically adapting routing to each application’s specific needs. This performance improvement not only optimizes user experience, but also contributes to operational efficiency and overall productivity of the business environment, added Cirion’s expert.

Finally, the flexibility and scalability inherent in this technology enable quick and efficient adjustment to workload variations and remote work demands, giving companies the ability to offer their employees with reliable and secure access to corporate resources from anywhere. Accordingly, SD-WAN is positioned as a key tool to facilitate and optimize performance, security and efficiency of any business’s corporate network, also significantly reducing management costs.

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