Cirion presents SASE: always-protected network services
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Data management and security


Cirion presents SASE: always-protected network services


Solution offers architecture combining integral SD-WAN features with the latest advances in cloud security – simplifying operations, increasing productivity, and providing greater visibility of security landscape.

MIAMI, FL, November 7, 2023 – One of the main challenges for CISOs and executives responsible for organizations’ security is to ensure secure network services from any location where users can connect.  This is a growing need as companies increasingly adopt SD-WAN to optimize their network performance and new threats emerge beyond the established “security perimeter”.

With this in mind, Cirion presents its SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) solution, which combines the security and connectivity of WAN, LAN, and Cloud networks and remote access, in a single solution. It provides a secure and scalable infrastructure for accessing cloud applications and services, allowing organizations to efficiently secure and optimize network traffic.

Among other benefits, Cirion SASE delivers performance and scalability to optimize critical applications.  With Secure SD-WAN as an integral part of the solution, it adds on the benefits of zero-trust remote access (ZTNA) to offer granular access policies tailored to the user, device, location, and role. It also adds LAN protection and management, both wired and wireless.  Additional strengths include flexibility and visibility; connectivity and security can be managed from a single management platform, increasing productivity and providing a better overview of the network’s design.

In a staggering context – where cyber threats become increasingly complex and are multiplied in volume almost daily – this tool is essential to stay ahead of the game: continuous updates are provided automatically and controlled centrally.

The components on which SASE is built upon

Cirion SASE integrates various networking, data management, and security products so that companies can continue to lead in a dynamic and competitive world while minimizing their risks. Its components include:

  • Secure SD-WAN. The foundation on which Cirion SASE is built upon — network management for a hyper-distributed era in which remote work, edge, and ubiquitous access are imperatives. It provides link optimization, intelligent routing, traffic control, VPN capabilities, and application control.
  • Managed Secure SD-LAN and NAC. Comprehensive solution that offers secure LAN and WiFi network access from multiple devices. It provides visibility, control, and analysis of devices, minimizing the attack surface.
  • Cloud Security. Comprehensive protection of cloud environments, as if in-premises.
  • Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA). Centered on “zero trust” so users can access their applications in a seamless and secure manner, it also considers the location of their devices.

“The acceleration of digital transformation, the cloud, and the edge took devices, data, and applications far beyond the perimeter of the organization, implying new risks and threats that require the adoption of new strategies,” noted Alejandro Girardotti, Senior Director of Product, Innovation and Strategic Partnerships at Cirion. “With SASE, our aim is to integrate security and connectivity in a single solution, to minimize the surface of attacks and offer end-to-end protection.”

About Cirion

Cirion is a leading digital infrastructure and technology provider, offering a comprehensive suite of fiber networks, connectivity, colocation, cloud infrastructure, and communications and collaboration solutions with the purpose of furthering Latin America’s progress through technology. Cirion serves over 5,500 Latin America-based and multinational customers, including enterprises, government agencies, cloud service providers, wireline and wireless carriers, ISPs, and other leading businesses.  Cirion owns and operates a portfolio of networks and data centers, with extensive coverage throughout the Latin American region.  Learn more about Cirion at

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