Cirion Forum 2023 highlights trends for the future in Latin America and wraps up with a huge turnout
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Cirion Forum 2023 highlights trends for the future in Latin America and wraps up with a huge turnout


The summit, held by Cirion Technologies in seven Latin American countries, brought together companies, industry players, and Cirion executives to reflect on how emerging technologies are dominating corporations’ digital transformation agendas and their way of doing business 

MIAMI, FL. 01 November, 2023 – The summit Cirion Forum 2023: “Inspiring the Future: Scalable Technologies”, held by the company in seven Latin American countries, came to a close with more than 2,260 attendees, more than 70 presentations, and participation of 26 international speakers and Cirion executives.

The business and telecommunications meetings took place in Chile, Peru, Mexico, Ecuador, Colombia, Argentina, and Venezuela. After two virtual events, this year’s edition was live, bringing together a select group from each country to address four relevant topics of today: cloud, artificial intelligence, metaverse, and cybersecurity.

“Through this forum, we’ve been leading the discussion about technology and business for the past fifteen years,” commented Emilio Madero, EVP of Marketing at Cirion.  “However, this is the first time we’ve held this event under the Cirion brand, so it was important to understand and present how business perspectives have recently changed as a result of the emergence of new digital solutions and cutting-edge technologies,” he added.

To promote progress in Latin America through technology, the forum highlighted concepts such as resilience, adaptability, innovation, and sustainable growth as key factors for business development in the future.  Today’s corporate ecosystem was also analyzed, as well as virtuality and the growth opportunities offered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), Edge Computing, digitalization, and cybersecurity.

“Digital transformation represents not only updating processes, digitizing operations or following new technology trends, but also a real, short and long-term competitive advantage for companies,” explained Madero, from Cirion Technologies.

Cirion Forum 2023 was supported by important sponsors such as Fortinet, Hitachi, Ciena, Infinera, Lenovo, Service Now, TD Synnex, Avaya, Aruba, Eaton, Intcomex, Adistec, and Dacas.

To review Cirion Forum 2023’s discussions and panels in the region’s different countries, visit our YouTube channel: Cirion Forum 2023.

In parallel in Brazil, Cirion toured the main states of the country with the series of Cirion Talks events, holding more than 20 exclusive relationship events with prospects and customers. The events have already taken place in the cities of Porto Alegre, Santa Catarina, Curitiba, Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Fortaleza, Recife, Salvador, Brasília and Goiânia.


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