Why is a robust infrastructure so important in hosting enterprise applications and data?
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Why is a robust infrastructure so important in hosting enterprise applications and data?


Bogotá, April 2023. In addition to implementing digital technology in each area, companies need to prioritize where to host their data. Hence the interest in data centers, which are infrastructures that store, serve and process all data.

Given the importance of hosting critical applications and extremely sensitive data, the trend in large companies is to rely on outsourced data centers, i.e., implemented and managed by other companies.  The reason: due to the investment required, it is practically unfeasible to have a privately owned data center.

“These are robust, million-dollar investment infrastructures, which must be extremely reliable.  Their environment is designed to concentrate all the computing, processing, and data storage equipment, as well as network asset systems. Data centers are the central nervous system of organizations,” explained Felipe Gómez, Regional Business Director for Data Center, Security and Cloud at Cirion Technologies.

Security offered by data centers includes, among other things, the racks, – metal cabinets where the cooling systems for temperature control are located – the mechanisms that supply extra power, and the fire protection devices.  In addition, being surrounded by qualified personnel diminishes threat gaps.

“We have multiple rings or multiple layers to filter out any risks that may arise. The state-of-the-art technology also ensures that these issues are managed in the best way possible; the processes and specialized personnel lending credibility to these security issues are just as important,” commented the Cirion Technologies expert.

However, the data center service provided by these companies is not only about setting up a robust structure, but also about how it is managed.

Besides providing the customer with a secure data center, it also provides 24/7 service that responds to their needs faster than ever before and uses state-of-the-art technology.

“The pandemic has transformed companies’ ability to define priorities to address digital transformation. One of them is how to support organizations’ business continuity, which is why a data center with high storage capacity, providing nearly one hundred percent of information resources is critical,” he added.

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