Elections 2022: Internet Providers Deliver Digital Infrastructure
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Elections 2022: Internet Providers Deliver Digital Infrastructure 

Cirion Technologies was one of the ISPs providing internet connectivity, SD-WAN, and cybersecurity solutions 

São Paulo, December 15, 2022 – The second ballot of 2022 Elections totaled more than 124MM people going to the polls, as reported by the Superior Electoral Court (TSE -for its acronym in Portuguese-) According to the Federal Justice body, Brazil is the fourth largest democracy and owns the major computerized election worldwide, since all voting is done through electronic ballot boxes. This makes our country a world benchmark in electoral security.

This voting mechanism has existed for more than 25 years and was fully computerized in 2000, when all Brazilian municipalities began to use electronic ballot boxes during elections, according to the TSE.

During the voting period, the ballot box operates in isolation and without any connection to data networks, however, after the counting closes, connectivity and security technologies are necessary to guarantee the aggregate results are conveyed.

The technological breakthroughs raised the need of creating solutions meant to guarantee information integrity and security in this verification process, mainly for fraud and cyberattacks prevention. These technologies are available through internet providers, who work to fight and minimize potential risks.  Cirion Technologies, leading digital infrastructure and technology provider, was one of the companies working in tandem with the Regional Electoral Courts (TRE) and the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) to guarantee security of elections in the Federal District and other States:   Ceará, Espírito Santo, Minas Gerais, Paraná, Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande do Sul and São Paulo.

During the first and second rounds, Cirion focused on network security, Internet and SD-WAN solutions, thereby enabling data transmission and long-distance network management.

“To guarantee the voting process security and combat any type of potential threat online, our security and network team created an action plan to monitor and act immediately, in the event of contingencies, several days before the election,” said  Danilo Cereza, Sales Director in Cirion Brazil.

According to a Black Lotus Labs report, Telecommunications, Software and Technology, and Government were the most affected terminals by cyberattacks. This implies that  internet evolution not only calls for more data protection. The provider’s role to fight against potential threats, primarily upon situations like a presidential election is as well highlighted.

“This is why being prepared to combat any risk immediately becomes essential. During the elections, Cirion experts conducted a thorough monitoring and follow-up, to increase security of the process and, fortunately, there were no contingencies”, continued the executive.

Cirion was also responsible for providing connectivity to the worldwide web. Initially, 2 Gbps accesses were available, however a 10 Gbps upgrade was made in advance to the first electoral round, because of the large volume of access to the services provided by the TSE. According to the TSE, the internet speed allowed voters to know which candidates were elected within 3 hours further to the close of voting. In countries where voting is still on paper, total vote counting can take days before results are released.

About Cirion:

Cirion is a leading digital infrastructure and technology provider, offering a comprehensive suite of fiber network, connectivity, colocation, cloud infrastructure, and communication and collaboration solutions with the purpose of furthering Latin America´s progress through technology. Cirion serves over 6,400 Latin America-based and multinational customers, including enterprises, government agencies, cloud service providers, carriers, ISPs, and other leading businesses. Cirion owns and operates a facilities-based network and data center portfolio, with extensive coverage spanning across the Latin America region.  Learn more about Cirion at www.ciriontechnologies.com

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